An English review article was published in the “International Journal of Molecular Sciences”

A paper on one-carbon metabolism related to cancer at the Advanced Medical Innovation Center, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University, whi . . .


CEO Takaaki Hirotsu made a guest appearance on YouTube “Lonbu Channel”.

N-NOSE was introduced as a state-of-the-art cancer test in the online community "Atsushi Tamura's Adult Elementary School" headed by Mr. Atsushi . . .


Notice of publication of clinical research paper

A paper on our joint clinical research with Saitama Medical University International Medical Center has been published in "Pancreas".This is the . . .


N-NOSE was on TBS “Hiruobi!”

On TBS's information program "Hiruobi!" On 6/29 (Tuesday), N-NOSE was introduced. → Web page of the program


N-NOSE was on NHK “Tokoro-san! Taihen desuyo!”

On NHK's cultural program "Tokoro-san! Taihen desuyo!" on Thursday, June 24th, N-NOSE was introduced. → Web page of the program

Press Release

[PRESS RELEASE] Announcement of new kit release of nematode cancer test “N-NOSE”

We have developed a new test kit for the nematode cancer test "N-NOSE" so that the sample can be carried at low temperature for a long time. It . . .


An interview article with our representative Hirotsu was posted on the website of “The University of Tokyo AMED iD3 Catalyst Unit”

An interview article with Hirotsu, our representative, was posted on the website of "The University of Tokyo AMED iD3 Catalyst Unit". Click . . .

Press Release

[PRESS RELEASE] Notice of capital increase through third-party allotment

We have recently made a third-party allotment of shares to several operating companies, including Ryoko Co., Ltd.We are currently promoting the . . .

Press Release

[PRESS RELEASE] Started sample collection service with Seino Group in all 47 prefectures

Our new service "N-NOSE at home" allows you to receive our nematode cancer test "N-NOSE" while you are at home. From May, we will strengthen log . . .

Press Release

[PRESS RELEASE] About the nationwide expansion of “N-NOSE at home”

Our cancer test "N-NOSE" will be rolled out in 47 prefectures nationwide this summer.We have established "N-NOSE" as an entrance test for cancer . . .

Press Release

[PRESS RELEASE] Report on the latest clinical research on childhood cancer

At the "58th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Pediatric Surgery" held on April 28 (Wednesday), the clinical research of N-NOSE was pres . . .


Notice of change of terms of use

We have partially revised the terms of use to further improve the quality of personal information management so that our customers can use N-NOS . . .

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