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The long-awaited service for cats now released following N-NOSE® Dogs Cancer screening using nematodes for your beloved cats, ‘N-NOSE Cats’ official website now available


-Pre-orders available today, special pricing offers for pre-applicants-

HIROTSU Bio Science Inc. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Takaaki Hirotsu (Hereinafter referred to as “HIROTSU”) has successfully developed a cancer screening specifically designated for cats ‘N-NOSE Cats’, using the technology of the “N-NOSE” nematode cancer screening which has been used by more than 500,000 people. Official website available starting today.
Pre-orders are available until November 13, those who apply during this period will receive a special discount of 5,000 yen off the regular price.

The number one cause of death for both cats and dogs are ‘cancer’. However, up until this point, there has not been an easily accessible cancer screening.  We as HIROTSU developed this N-NOSE technology-based cancer screening for pets with the strong wish to protect and help the beloved family-members of cat and dog owners.
After 5 years of joint development and research with cooperating institutions, we were able to start the service, ‘N-NOSE Dogs’, by May of 2023. At the same time, we were developing a service for pet cats. However, cats are more difficult than dogs to collect urine. After many interviews with cat lovers, veterinarians, and nurses at veterinary hospitals regarding the collection of cat urine, we were finally able to offer this service for cats.
N-NOSE Cats is affiliated with 52 veterinary hospitals nationwide. In addition to submitting urine collected at home, those who are not comfortable with urine collection may take the test at a hospital. Affiliated hospitals will be announced on the official website as soon as they are ready.

Official Website:


‘N-NOSE Cats’ can test for the risk of mammary, lymphoma, and other types of cancer commonly found in cats※3 by simply just submitting urine. In the worst-case event of the screening coming back with a ‘High Possibility of Cancer’ result, we provide cost-free services such as further treatment advice from a veterinarian.

■ ‘N-NOSE Cats’ Overview


Pre-order period:
 October 11, 2023 – November 13, 2023 (Mon)
Pre-order website:
 Pre-order special pricing
 11,800 yen (with Tax) per periodic screening (Choice of once, twice, or three times a year)
 One-time trial screening 14,800 yen (with Tax) (Orders placed after the pre-order period will be provided with regular pricing)
 16,800 yen(with Tax)per periodic screening
 One-time trial screening 19,800 yen (with Tax)
Screening kit shipping:
 Expected to ship sequentially starting November 14, 2023

※1 Cause of death (dog): アニコム家庭どうぶつ白書2021 犬の死因10歳
Cause of death (cat): Longevity and mortality in cats:A single institution necropsy study of 3108 cases (1989–2019)
※2 Joint research findings:
Dec, 2021「A new detection method for canine and feline cancer using the olfactory system of nematodes」 (Biochemistry and Biophysics Report) 
[Conference presentation]
Nov, 2021「動物におけるN-NOSEの検討」(第42回動物臨床医学会年次大会)
Dec, 2021「ペットにおけるN-NOSEの検討」(第3回日本生物診断研究会)
Aug, 2022「Consideration of expanding the use of N-NOSE for pet」 (18th Global Biomarkers and Clinical Research Summit)
Sep, 2022「線虫がん検査N-NOSEの動物への利用拡大について」(第165回獣医学会学術集会)
Sep, 2022「N-NOSEの犬と猫への応用について」(日本獣医臨床病理学会2022年次大会)
Nov, 2022「線虫の嗅覚を利用した犬と猫のがん検出方法」(第40回日本獣医師会獣医学術学会年次大会/第21回アジア獣医師会連合大会)
Dec, 2022「A new early-stage cancer test using C. elegans for canine and feline」 (International Conference of Health Evaluation and Promotion 2022)
※3 Breast cancer, Malignant Lymphoma, Lung adenocarcinoma, Nasal adenocarcinoma

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