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“N-NOSE” Success in Identifying a New Cancer Type, Liver Cancer


HIROTSU Bio Science Inc. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Takaaki Hirotsu; hereinafter referred to as “HIROTSU”) has successfully developed a cancer type specific test that can detect early stage liver cancer. “N-NOSE plus” has been added a new product lineup to the service and be starting today.

Cancer is now the leading cause of death among Japanese, and it is estimated that one in two Japanese will develop cancer during their lifetime. While early detection and early treatment are expected to improve the treatment rate, the cancer screening uptake rate in Japan is not high. In order to change this situation, we have been conducting research and development to create a future in which cancer can be detected at an early stage by lowering the hurdle to screening by developing a cancer test that is easy and affordable for everyone to take.

As a first step, in 2020, we succeeded in developing the “N-NOSE” nematode cancer test, which is a simple and inexpensive way to determine the risk of 15 types*1 of early-stage cancer throughout the body, as an unprecedented “gateway” to cancer testing. In 2022, we launched the “N-NOSE plus Pancreas” service, the world’s first cancer-specific test capable of detecting early-stage pancreatic cancer, which will play the next role in early cancer detection. Now, liver cancer has been added to the N-NOSE plus service as the second phase.

*1 The cancer type cannot be confirmed. For those who are determined to be at high risk, we recommend that they consult a hospital immediately for early detection.

■”N-NOSE plus” Service Details
“N-NOSE plus” can be applied for by those who have received a high-risk grade (D or E) after taking the “N-NOSE” test. Using the urine submitted at the time of the “N-NOSE” test, the risk of pancreatic cancer and liver cancer is determined for each cancer type. There is no need to submit new urine.
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“N-NOSE” Periodic Screening Plan ¥13,800 : ¥30,000
“N-NOSE” One-time Screening Plan ¥14,800 : ¥50,000 *

*Customers using the one-time inspection course until March 31, 2024 can also apply for the regular inspection course for the same price of ¥30,000.