Sustainable Development Goals

Hirotsu Bio Science aims to have fewer people suffer from diseases, creating a brighter future where all people can lead healthy and secure lives, through innovative testing technologies that leverage the capabilities of living organisms.

About SDGs

The SDGs are a collection of global goals that aim to achieve a better, more sustainable world by 2030, which were included in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted unanimously by the Member States of the United Nations at a United Nations summit in September 2015.

The SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets, along with pledge to “Leave No One Behind” on the earth. Hirotsu Bio Science aims to contribute to society by focusing particularly on the following two themes. We will keep you informed of our future activities via our official website.

Hirotsu Bio Science’s SDGs Initiatives

Delivering the benefits of cutting-edge technology to the world

N-NOSE®, Hirotsu Bio Science’s primary screening test for cancer, is the only test in the world that uses organisms called nematodes (C.elegans) to promote early cancer detection.

N-NOSE offers both a high level of accuracy and reasonable pricing. This makes it possible to introduce the tests in developing countries, thereby contributing to improved health and welfare all over the world.

Testing that does not impose a burden on the global environment

Since the nematode C. elegans used in N-NOSE® is a hermaphrodite that produces fertilized eggs, it is easy to propagate worms with the same genetic backgrounds, and possible to use them indefinitely if reproduced correctly. Nor does the testing process consume a great deal of energy.

  • More than half of our employees—52%—are women. We also employ female executives and promote women’s participation in the workplace.
  • We provide in-house consultation services and regular training opportunities.
  • We actively hire new graduates and reemploy retirees to provide opportunities for a diverse range of people to take on active roles.
  • Stock options are granted not only to full-time employees, and systems are in place to ensure that the company’s growth is conducive to increased motivation among the individuals who work here.
  • We have made the equipment we use, and our test kits, environmentally friendly, to reduce waste and promote reuse.
  • We are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a review of the travel routes used for our N-NOSE at home service.
  • We are promoting paperless operations within the company.