[Publication] Romanian research team evaluates “N-NOSE” in the journal “Cancers”


On March 18, 2024, an reveiw articles on cancer screening by a third-party research team (Romania) was published in “Cancers”, an oncology journal published by Switzerland-based MDPI.

The article is entitled “Cancer Screening: Present Recommendations, the Development of Multi-Cancer Early Development Tests, and the Prospect of Universal Cancer Screening”.

The paper mainly summarizes the latest research results and future prospects of MCED testing. It also discusses the possibility of early cancer detection in the asymptomatic stage, high-cost performance, and minimally invasive cancer test screening.

Several papers on N-NOSE are cited in the article, and N-NOSE is evaluated as an innovative and highly sensitive cancer screening test:
                 With the observation that C. elegans is attracted to urine from cancer patients, but avoids urine from healthy persons, a team led by Hirotsu et al. perfected an innovative, highly sensitive cancer screening test called N-Nose, which has been available in Japan since 2020.[18]

                 It is important to mention that the N-Nose behavioral assay has been thoroughly evaluated in clinical studies with large cohorts of patients, showing reliable results. Also, the results have been replicated at other prestigious institutions in the US and Italy.[18]

Cancers 202416(6), 1191;