Hirotsu Bio Science’s Three Futures

[A healthy future for mind and body]

I believe that health is the bedrock of a fulfilling life. As long as the body stays healthy, the mind naturally becomes optimistic. At Hirotsu Bio Science, we contribute to the development of revolutionary disease diagnostic technologies to lessen your concerns over health.

[A future utilizing biological abilities]

Conventional medical diagnostics have primarily been conducted with man-made devices, which makes it difficult to strike a balance between high levels of sensitivity and low costs. The new concept of “biological diagnostics” will break through this barrier. Biological diagnostics deliver a high level of sensitivity by leveraging the astounding power of biology, surpassing the sensitivity of man-made devices, while enabling costs to be kept low by selecting organisms that cost nothing for upkeep. Based on this premise, we at Hirotsu Bio Science are working towards the practical use of the world’s first ever biological diagnosis, a cancer test known as “N-NOSE.” The test uses urine samples and is therefore non-invasive and simple, combining together numerous benefits including high sensitivity, low costs, and early detection. We are dedicated to pushing forward rigorously with our research and development to bring N-NOSE to market at the earliest possible juncture.

[A future where researchers shine]

Groundbreaking scientific innovations are brought about by the rich ideas and tireless efforts of researchers. Although the environment surrounding researchers in Japan has been increasingly harsh in recent years, Hirotsu Bio Science values research and development above all, and aspires to become a company where researchers are the stars.


B.S.(Biology), The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology
MSc. (Biology), The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Science, Department of Biochemistry
Suntory Inc., Research Institute of Product Development
Ph.D.(Biology), The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Science, Department of Biochemistry
Research Fellowship for Young Scientists at Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (The University of Tokyo, Molecular Genetics Laboratory)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Kyoto University Graduate School of Life Sciences
Assistant Professor, Kyushu University Graduate School of Science, Department of Biology
Founded HIROTSU BIO SCIENCE INC.; Assumed office as CEO
Adjunct associate professor, QUT(Australia)
Inoue Research Award (The Inoue Foundation for Science)
Development Research Award (The Neurocreative Society)
Nakayama Award (The Nakayama Foundation for Human Science)
NISTEP Researcher (Japan Ministry of Education)

I have focused on research regarding the olfactory sense of C. elegans since my doctorate program. I am especially interested in neural mechanisms creating and regulating preferences toward smells. In March 2000, my first paper was published in the journal Nature. My research on changing preferences based on odor concentrations and olfactory experience was reported in Science and sister journals of Nature and Science. In July 2012, I was the first in the world to successfully create a visual representation of single protein activation in C. elegans. In May 2013, I began research on whether C. elegans can detect the smell of cancer cells, publishing my research in March 2015. In September 2016, I established a venture company, Hirotsu Bio Science Inc., aiming for practical application of C. elegans cancer test “N-NOSE” and assumed office as CEO.