Early cancer screening test recommended to everyone N-NOSE

What if a drop of your urine sample allows us to diagnose
your cancer risk regardless of its type?

Six prominent features of N-NOSE

“N-NOSE” is a cancer screening test that uses highly sensitive olfactory sensory functions of nematodes. This novel test that employs natural capabilities of organism is not invasive, causes no pain and can be used for early detection. If you take the test regularly, you will suffer less both psychologically and bodily and incur less financial burdens in case cancer is diagnosed.

To save lives.
Give N-NOSE a try.

Types of cancer that N-NOSE has been known to be able to detect

Nematodes are known to respond to the types of cancer shown below (as of August 2019):

Stomach, colorectal, lung, breast, pancreatic, liver, prostate, uterine, esophageal, gall bladder, bile duct, kidney, bladder, ovarian, oral/pharyngeal
—15 types of cancer

Important information on N-NOSE🄬 test results

Test results of N-NOSE🄬 should not be interpreted as a diagnosis. N-NOSE🄬 is an assessment test based on clinical studies, which aims to assess cancer risk at the time the test was performed. Test results of "cancer risk was not detected" does not confirm the absence of cancer, and test results of "high cancer risk" does not necessarily indicate the presence of cancer. Patients are advised not to interpret the result of N-NOSE🄬 on their own, but to discuss with their doctor, according to their health conditions, how to interpret the result and whether further tests are required.