Press Release

Global CFO Appointed for Overseas Expansion


We as HIROTSU Bio Science Inc. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Takaaki Hirotsu (Hereinafter referred to as “HIROTSU”) are pleased to announce that the global CFO has been appointed as of April 1, and the implementation of a reorganization in conjunction with the appointment.

We are committed to the corporate philosophy of ” N-NOSE” was born from a new idea. With this unique technology, we are creating a world where cancer can be detected at an early stage, protecting people’s health and future peace of mind.”. In order to realize this philosophy, we are promoting a medium-term management strategy.

Noritaka Abe will assume the position of global CFO to strengthen our management base to execute our strategies more reliably and faster with a global perspective and an aggressive and challenging attitude.

■Comment from Noritaka Abe
I am honored to accept the position of Chief Financial Officer at HIROTSU Bioscience Corporation, excited to support Hirotsu CEO and contribute to the company’s mission.
I still vividly remember the shock I felt when I first heard about N-NOSE. It was a truly revolutionary technology – an affordable, non-invasive, and highly accurate early cancer detection technology. In conversation with Hirotsu CEO, I was deeply impressed by the innovation of the technology and its potential to contribute to society and decided to work for this company.
While steady growth in the Japanese market is the top priority for N-NOSE, I believe that to realize real breakthrough growth, we must bring this innovative technology to people all over the world. As CFO, I will leverage my 25 years of experience in the financial industry and almost 15 years overseas to achieve this simultaneously.
Our strategy will focus on fundraising, strengthening R&D, building a global sales network, enhancing marketing activities, and attracting top talent.  By working as a united team, we want to create an ecosystem that is chosen by our customers, energizes all our staff, attracts talented people, enhances our corporate value, and gives back to society.
HIROTSU Bioscience is committed to ‘democratizing cancer testing’ through the innovative N-NOSE technology, we can contribute to protecting the health of people around the world and achieve both social contribution and corporate growth. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.


Noritaka Abe brings over 25 years of experience across diverse financial functions. Prior to Hirotsu Bio Science, he held leadership positions at Nomura Holdings. As an Executive Director, he tackled various challenges and gained valuable private equity experience, particularly during a secondment to Japan-China Capital Partners as Chief Administration Officer. Before that, He relocated to Singapore in 2017 to support Asia’s regional head to spearhead regional business expansion in Asia. Mr. Abe joined Nomura in 2006 and spent 12 years overseeing the Treasury business globally, based in Tokyo and London. He excelled as Head of Funding, managing domestic and international financing exceptionally. Before Nomura, Mr. Abe honed his financial acumen at Mitsubishi UFJ (formerly Sanwa Bank). He gained comprehensive experience in core financial functions through roles in SME sales, foreign exchange, and asset-liability management.

■New Human Resources (as of April 1, 2024)