Early cancer screening test recommended to everyone N-NOSE

Global problem: Cancer incidence and mortality rate

Cancer is a major cause of death worldwide, and it is estimated that 9.6 million people died from cancer in 2018.

People often die from cancer because it is too advanced to be treated when detected. However, cancers that are detected early are more likely to respond positively to medical treatment, resulting in low mortality rate. This should also lead to a reduction of the cost of treatment.

Screening is effective in early detection of cancer.
Screening is performed to identify people who may have a specific cancer and are in a precancerous state still without clinical manifestations. It allows diagnosis and treatment to get underway as soon as possible.

Cancer screening test available for children and AYA

Generally, the incidence of cancer begins to increase among people in their 50s and becomes higher with advancing age. However, women in their 20s and 30s sometimes suffer from types of cancer unique to women; and, although small in number, even children and adolescents/young adults (AYA) are not exempt.

A cancer screening test is an alien concept for young persons.

However, we believe, N-NOSE, a simple, painless urine test, suitable as a cancer test for all generations including children. We see a future in which children will take regular cancer screening tests to detect pre-symptomatic tumors. We offer the nematode cancer test in anticipation of this becoming the norm.