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“N-NOSE Dogs” Website now available.


HIROTSU BIO SCIENCE releases a cancer screening for “Pet Dogs”.
“N-NOSE Dogs” Website now available.
-Pre-order available, special discounts are offered for early registers.-

HIROTSU BIO SCIENCE has successfully developed a cancer screening specifically designed for dogs, “N-NOSE Dogs” using the technology from the previous “N-NOSE” for humans, a cancer screening using nematodes which has reached over 350,000 users. Website for “N-NOSE Dogs” is now available.
Pre-order period will be until early May, the time actual screenings will begin to be conducted. Discount of 5,000 yen will be applied for those who have registered during this pre-order period.

The number one cause of death within dogs is “cancer”. However, since dogs are not able to communicate pain to their owners, it is common for symptoms to progress by the time the owner catches it.

In a world where easily accessible cancer screenings for dogs does not exist, we decided to research the development of a screening using prior N-NOSE technology as a means to find a way to protect the health of your beloved dog. After approximately 5 years of researching and working with partnered facilities, we have successfully developed a cancer screening for dogs, ”N-NOSE Dogs”.  

“N-NOSE Dogs” is available to detect cancers commonly found within dogs such as Lymphoma, Mammary Gland, and Skin cancers. This screening only requires the submission of urine which makes it very easy and accessible. In order to support dog owners who have so much love for their beloved pets, we will continue to develop and provide reliable services.

 “N-NOSE Dogs” information

Pre-order Period  :March 9, 2022 (Thursday)~ Early May, 2023
Pre-order Website :
Screenings fees  :Early Registration Discount
                    Periodic Screening* 11,800 yen/with Tax
                    One-time Screening 14,800 yen/with Tax
                    ※After the screening process has started in Early May, the service will be offered a regular price. 
                  (Periodic Screening* 16,800 yen/ with Tax、One-time Screening 19,800 yen/with Tax)
Screening kit Shipping:Starting mid-May, 2023

*Price of individual test in periodic screening listed.
  For periodic screening, you will have the option to choose from: 
  Every 4 months (3 times a year), Every 6 months (Twice a year), Every 12 months (Once a year). 

*This service is currently only available in Japan.

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