Participated as a speaker at the 2nd Japan-China International Medical Industry Summit


On June 18, 2024, we joined in the “2nd Japan-China International Medical Industry Summit -2024 Suzhou (Tokyo) Healthcare Industry Innovation Cooperation Matching Exchange Meeting-“. Wei Hongcheng, our China Business Manager, participated in the startup pitch session.

This event was held with the cooperation and support of the Suzhou Municipal Government, one of China’s leading economic cities, and featured companies from both countries in the health tech field presenting their distinctive technologies and business models.

Suzhou City, under the ‘Yangtze River Delta Integration Development Strategy’ that has been promoted in recent years, is expected to achieve further development along with the neighboring Shanghai City. Additionally, efforts to form a startup ecosystem hub, where domestic and international companies addressing social issues are concentrated, are also accelerating.

Wei, our China Business Director, delivered a lecture on the theme ‘The Amazing Abilities of Small Organisms – New Developments in Nematode Cancer Detection N-NOSE’. Following the lecture, our company booth remained crowded, demonstrating the high level of interest in “N-NOSE” within China.

We will continue to strive to create a world where cancer can be detected early, both domestically and internationally, using our unique technology.

■About Japan-China International Medical Industry Summit

A matching event focused on collaboration and co-creation between Japanese and Chinese startup companies in the health tech field, and Japanese and Chinese business companies, venture capitalists, and stakeholders from academia, government, and industry promoting innovation.