Hirotsu, President of our company, spoke at a class at the University of Electro-Communications, a national university corporation.


Last month, our CEO Hirotsu gave a lecture on venture business to a class at the University of Electro-Communications.
A total of about 100 people attended, including both real and web-based participants.
After the lecture, students sent us their lessons learned from the class.
Below are a few excerpts.

”You can make your own life and your own world.”
(From Dr. Hirotsu’s lecture, I received the message that I want people to think, make choices, take risks, and create their own future.If you do something unique, you will be considered an eccentric, but if you gain the sympathy of those around you and involve them, you may be able to change the world in a dynamic way.)

”You can try a challenge even if you are in Japan.”
(I am delighted to have the very rare opportunity to have Mr. Hirotsu, who is attracting attention from around the world, give a lecture today. Mr. Hirotsu said, “It is precisely because we are in Japan that we can take on challenges instead of riding the rails, and even if we fail, we will not die.”
I was convinced that this is indeed true. I am sure that this is true. When we take on a challenge, we tend to be afraid of various risks. I thought I would take action considering the advantage of Japan.)

“Have your own unique ability.”
(These are the most memorable words of Dr. Hirotsu. In the near future, with the development of AI, our work as engineers will become more efficient and optimized. On the other hand, we have to adapt to the ever-changing environment and continue to search for the skills that are needed. I felt that it is important to acquire value-added skills that are unique to me.)