Notification of the Start of N-NOSE After-Sales Service (Free)


On July 1st (Friday), N-NOSE® will launch its “N-NOSE After-Sales Service (Free)” for those who are considered high risk*.
Full-time staff such as nurses who have medical knowledge will explain the results of N-NOSE checkups and provide information of the next checkup, in addition to follow up care such as making reservations for cancer screening and undergoing medical examinations afterwards.
Through this, our company wishes to relieve customers of their worries, in addition to providing support for the whole process that will lead to the early detection of cancer.
*High risk customers (C-3, D, E) that purchase N-NOSE from July 1st, 2022 onwards at the new price (regular checkup course: 13,800 Yen; one-time checkup: 14,800 Yen) are eligible.