A new function “My N-NOSE” has been added as a customer-only page.


We have added a login function to the service site so that customers can use N-NOSE more comfortably. After logging in, you can use “My N-NOSE”, a page dedicated to customers (My Page), with simpler operations such as (1) purchasing a test kit, (2) making a reservation for submitting a urine sample, and (3) checking the test results.

We will continue to improve the services and functions of N-NOSE.

■ About the function of “My N-NOSE” (Details)
・It is now possible to save the trouble of entering your name and address when purchasing a test kit or making a reservation for sample submission from the second time onward.
・ You can now check your own test results on the WEB at any time. Every time you take the test, the data of the test result report will be accumulated, so you can check the history at any time.

Future additional functions (planned)
・ We will inform you of the timing of the next N-NOSE inspection.
・ We will issue a test result report with more information than ever before.
・ We will inform you of useful information about cancer and health.